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Become A True Master Chef on Cooking Madness!

Become a world-renowned Master Chef in Cooking Madness A Chef’s Restaurant Game! Own and manage a restaurant chain, and serve as many signature dishes to thousands of customers around the world.

Master your cooking skills and your management skills and business sense as well! Take over failing restaurants and work on them to regain their glory back and attract more customers for the business. Serve delicious dishes and treats to your hungry customers on time. They will certainly appreciate it when the service is fast and great!


Serve Food and Desserts on Different Restaurants

Throughout your journey as a Master Chef, you will unlock tons of restaurants in different key locations such as cities, beaches, and hotels! Each type of restaurant will have a preferred menu, and it is your job as the Chef to prepare all these.

You have to know how to prepare different kinds of dishes, entrees, appetizers, and desserts! Serve Breakfast Food in a beachside hotel and surprise customers with your sweet and savory pancakes. On the beachside resto, you have to prepare different kinds of seafood dishes such as Prawns, Lobsters, and Salmons!

In some restaurants, you have to know how to prepare cocktails, appetizers, and hors d’oeuvres. Of course, you have to prepare steaks, pasta, burgers, fries, and vegetable salads too! Don’t forget the desserts either. Delight customers with sweet pies, delectable fruit salads, cakes, cupcakes, and other pastries.



Unlock New Recipes, Kitchen Appliances, and Locations!

You have to travel around the world to open a very famous restaurant chain. Along your journey, new recipes and kitchen appliances will be unlocked. These will depend on the kind of menu and equipment that you need to meet the demands of the local customers.

You have to collect enough key cards to unlock a new location. You can do this by ensuring that customers get fast and quality service from you. If customers are happy, you will be given a key after certain levels. When you collect enough of these, you can then unlock the next restaurant location!

Great service will also earn you combos and more tips. The money you collect can then be used to upgrade kitchen equipment. This includes coffee makers, juicers, dispensers, hot pans or pots, deep fryers, and even the usual tools such as knives and kitchen boards!

You need to upgrade equipment if you want to serve food fast and efficiently. Newer and upgraded tools will work faster, and that means less waiting and cooking time! This also means that customers are happier, and you will get more tips and profits in return.


Cook Fast and Manage Your Restaurant Like A Pro

You cannot be a Master Chef if you don’t know how to cook fast and manage your restaurant business efficiently. You have to level up to maintain your status as a world-renowned chef! Earn bonuses and rewards when you complete daily missions and tasks.

The real challenge in this cooking madness game is not really on how well you can cook, but it is also about how fast you can cook and serve customers with a smile! It is also about managing your restaurants well and making sure that kitchen appliances and tools are upgraded and kept in good shape.

Cook and travel as a world-famous restaurateur. Live your dream of becoming a Chef in this Cooking Madness Game! You can even experience the game on PC with a free Cooking Madness download for PC right here.


Why Play Cooking Madness PC?

You can enjoy this Cooking Madness online game on PC, even if it is originally designed for mobile play. You can download this unblocked version for free to enjoy the game right away on a bigger screen.

So why play Cooking Madness on PC? Simply because it offers better and smoother gameplay. The game also takes up a lot of storage space as you go higher in level. As your restaurant chain grows, so does the data that comes with the game. This data eats up your storage space, and it can cause the game to crash and lag – making you lose progress in the game.

So if you want to avoid this from happening, it is best to get this free Cooking Madness download now! Play Cooking Madness A Chef’s Restaurant Game on PC and you will never miss out on a customer again. Run the game smoothly without any worries. You will never lose your progress, and you would never experience lags or crashes that can lose you, customers, in the game’s levels.

Show the world who is the best cook and restaurant tycoon by unlocking the game’s many levels and owning as many restaurants as possible! Keep the game updated to enjoy more features and new levels. Creators of the game will add more restaurant locations and new tasks and achievements to unlock from time to time.

So check it out now by downloading it on your PC or Mac. Then drop on over to the Games.lolwebsite and try some of the new Arcade Games such as Angry Birds Rio and Battle Robots!

Game Features

  • Cook and serve tasty dishes to customers.
  • Collect keys to unlock new restaurants in different locations.
  • Serve desserts, main dishes, appetizers, drinks, and more!
  • Manage your restaurant like a pro.
  • Upgrade kitchen appliances and equipment for efficiency.

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Cooking Madness – A Chef's Restaurant Games Screenshot
Cooking Madness – A Chef's Restaurant Games Screenshot

Download Cooking Madness A Chef’s Restaurant Game on PC now!