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Cooking Madness Dessert House Update – Newest Food and More

Cooking Madness survived the test of time as a time management game, similar to other games like Diner Dash and Papa’s Pizzeria. It’s a great game if you find it fun to micromanage orders at the same time while keeping the customers patient. The concept is nothing new but the delivery of the game is what makes it so unique.

Cooking Madness gets a new patch, namely 1.8.0, which includes new dessert options and the brand-new Dessert House event. The game also debuts a new location for your restaurant: Berlin, Germany. The game will also receive better optimization, fresh food, and better performance on all available options.


Cooking Madness dessert house


The Dessert House Update

Cooking Madness presents a new event that turns the plates around and changes the Dessert House system. The name of the event already speaks for itself: you run a bakery full of sweet and delicious desserts that only people with a sweet tooth would come by all the time.

Create classic pastries such as chiffon cakes, milfuelles, cookies, and brownies. Take note: the event is arguably more challenging than the original story since the baking process is more tedious and complicated. But, if you have already seen it all in a micromanagement game, then this should fare the same way with you.

The Dessert House will stay in the game for two weeks. Play the event, and you will get in-game rewards, including new decorations, new recipes, and more coins.

There’s nothing much profound regarding its story since it is just you taking hold of the Dessert House for a short while as the original owner is on vacation. As the manager AND cook of the establishment, it is up to you to serve decadent treats for customers of all ages passionate about desserts.

Additional Dishes

New food will finally come your way – specifically famous German food including schnitzels (fried pork chops), spaetzle (German pasta), frankfurters, beef cheek stew, and pretzels. All of these will come for free for everybody.

New Location: Berlin

Cooking Madness is bringing in German food because the next step in your culinary journey is in Germany – specifically in Berlin. The restaurant features classic German themes like what you would typically find in an Oktoberfest. The location comes for free as long as you finish the main quest in the original restaurant.

There will also be new folks as well with new food requests. Of course, that means you will serve up classic German dishes. As for difficulty, the game remains as it always has been for the past few years.


Cooking Madness dishes additional


Current State of Cooking Madness

It is considered one of the more popular time management games of the late 2010s. Cooking Madness also received more than 10 million downloads on various platforms, including PC.

It has a more simplified approach than what you would always play in Diner Dash or any Hell’s Kitchen game. You don’t go to serve up tables, but rather, the people go to you for orders. It may seem like a simple task at first until you have to learn to micromanage. The task is like filling up a drink while deep frying the french fries as you grill the burgers and lace them with the corresponding condiments.

Along with the game are some other detailed food features like research and development and upgrading your kitchen. These will add new recipes to your restaurant’s menu, while the upgrade tool helps you cook food faster or store more ingredients.

Many consider it also as one of the most challenging micromanagement games due to its more complex cooking system. Yet, some may say that Diner Dash remains the hardest of the bunch. The game also includes an original story but nothing out of the ordinary.

The time to serve also depends upon the customer you serve. Some may be impatient; others can wait a whole day. Another customer group may annoy others because of their loud voices while calling up on their phones.

You can play Cooking Madness for free on the PC. Just download the game here. Or, if you have no clue on how to play the game, click here for a guide! Don’t forget to check out our other cooking games too that you may like.